"They were pioneers in the most glamorous business in the world, and you only know half of their story. Playbills To Photoplays reveals colorful episodes in the lives of the stars before they became stars. Everyone saw them, but few knew where they came from. This collection of essays follows some of the most famous names in show business from Vaudeville and Broadway to Hollywood, revealing a part of their lives that movie historians have neglected - until now. I think this book is terrific. It's a must read for any fan of the silver screen, and the days when movie stars were real stars."

- Morgan Loew, great-grandson of Adolph Zukor, founder, Paramount Pictures,
and Marcus Loew, founder, Loews Theaters and MGM

"Ms. Loew's choice of performers to write about is amazingly diverse and fascinating, from character actors like Conrad Veidt to major stars like Katharine Hepburn. She has written a most compelling book about their transitions from stage to film... many of the stories new to me. Wonderful!"

- Joan Benny, daughter of comedian, Jack Benny, one of America's greatest
entertainment icons of the 20th century, whose career included vaudeville, radio, movies and television